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Results of our customer and candidate satisfaction survey

We are proud!

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Last month (October 2018), Thinking Marketing carried out a customer and candidate satisfaction survey for WorkingED. The results exceed our expectations.

Our clients rate us with an 8.5 average and the candidates even with an 8.8 average.

The clients are about the support during the recruitment process, the accuracy of following the timeline and the professionalism is about 90% very to extremely satisfied.

Our candidates give WorkingED a high score in terms of communication, accessibility and reliability, with a 8.8, 9 and 8.8 respectively.

We would like to thank our clients and candidates for your help and feedback!

Our report:



Am I insane?

November first 2018, it is already five years ago that many declared me insane! 

Your own business, in times of crisis and also within recruitment and selection. 
I felt this is the right moment, my knowledge as an HR professional in the 
international and especially the German labor market, the often lacking knowledge 
of the other recruitment agencies in this field, but also just being realistic and honest 
(dare to say No) and a clear communication and our goal to take care of a customer 
ensured a continuous flow of new customers. Acquisition I never really have to do, 
partly because I believe in helping each other and if anything comes back then that is fine. 
But of course also deliver a high quality at an appropriate rate. 
Next week, our report on our customer and candidate satisfaction will be published via 
Thinking Marketing. I am curious about the results and, of course about the points of both 
client and candidate we need to improve.
But apart from this, starting my own company was the best working-decision of my life.
#takingmyowndecisions #focus #daretosayNo